A tribute to all Seasons (Daevian gloves quest)

If you think you saw boredom until now wait till you get to this quest. During the runs i did on this quest i had enough time to think at the important questions of life like "how did we come to existence?", "where am i going with my life" you will have plenty of time to answer this questions since all you have to do is run around in Oriel or Pernon and find some plants that you can kill in 3 shots and hope it will drop one of the quest item.
Sadly i have only the elyos locations, but if any of you have the locations in Pernon i will gladly complete this post with them. You can email me at aionhelpblog@gmail.com !
To complete this quest you will need 100 Cool Fragrant Energy and 100 Warm Fragrant Energy.
Cool Fragrant Energy drops from :
  • Foliage Audria
  • Sunset Audria
  • Ice Audria
  • Snowflower Audria 

Warm Fragrant Energy drops from:

  • Vernal Audria
  • Sprouting Audria
  • Sweltering Audria
  • Rain Audria

You will find the most winter flowers in the winter season and the most summer flowers in the summer season. On the summer location map you can see that i don't have so many that's because i started doing the quest on autumn and winter ( i will update the location map as soon as the summer starts).
If you don't know when each seasons starts in Aion check this link.
Also when you loot the flowers you will get one of the Aether Gems, this items are needed for the Nomad Shugo Merchants quests and by completing this quests you can get some nice pieces of furniture.
Check this link for the Nomad Shugo schedule

After you finished gathering everything you can choose from one of this items :

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