Steps to the Spear (Daevanion Boots Quest)

This is the first quest, and even if it appears like an easy one i assure you it is not! Unless of course you have some Spiritmaster friends that can help you.
You pick up the quest from Kahrun and you have 13 minutes to run around Sarpan and Tiamaranta and talk with 4 NPC's. Some of the NPC's are tricky to get to so you might want to check their locations first.
Use any buffs and skills that can increase your running speed, without those you will most fail for sure. Also in case you think you can put up a Kisk on one of the locations die and then rez. to the next NPC you can't, if you die the quest will fail. (Trust me I've tried it)

After picking up the quest you will have to fly to Western Guardian Seal to talk to Emita. She is on top of a tower. There is a mob right at the stairs, just CC it and keep moving.

After you talked with her, use a Kamar scroll and fly to Hushblade Garrison where you have to talk with Ampria. Keep in mind that the terrain there is very fragmented and if you look at the map at Ampria location you will actually have to jump and glide to it.
Now for the 3rd one i suggest having your Return set on Notus Outpost, this way you can reduce the time of flying from Raccora to Notus. As another option you can set up your Return for Cindercone, but the distance from Notus to Raccora is bigger then the one from Raccora to Cindercone.
As you arrived to Notus Outpost you will have to run behind it and find the portal shown in the picture.
This portal will take you on the highest floating Island from where you will have to jump and glide to the 3rd NPC location.

After this in function of where you choose to set up your Return fly or Return to Cindercone from where as you exit the Outpost you must keep running on the right side around the mountain.

Once you talk with this Tinotia scroll to Kamar and go back to talk with Kahrun.
As an easy alternative take some Spiritmaster friends and ask them to summon you at the NPC's location but it's way more fun to do it this way!


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