Aturam Sky Fortress

This is the first dungeon you will encounter in the new patch 3.0.  First thing you will notice: they hit really bad and there are many many mobs on stealth, making the dungeon difficult and challenging.
At the moment i can not give you a correct loot table but from the drops i had you can get a blue set and if you are really lucky fable ring, belt and earrings.

So after you've killed first 4 mobs you hit an elevator hit it go down and pick up the quests from the fake balaur. Even if you don't need XP still you should take the quest cuz you will kill those mobs anyway.
First thing to do is to kill about 5 "crystals". Note that near each crystal there is 1 mob visible and 1 invisible, and that after you kill it there will be 1 more mob spwaming that will attack you.

After you killed all those 5 plus the many  mobs around you will go for the first boss. Not a very hard boss if you have some good 55 items. As an advice keep some burst damage for the last 25% since at that part he will start spwaming lots of walking bombs which you must avoid or else they explode for about 3k damage on you. I only remembered about the screenshot after killing the boss, so i have one of the room  :S .

Now as you just go out thru the first door at the "fake balaur quest giver" on your left you will see another opened door. That's the way to the next boss called Weapon H.
After you kill the first mob you encounter if you look on your right as you entered you will see a crystal (it's a small one but it's very clear as setup). Once you click on it you are getting "Sayan" powers!!!! More attack speed, more attack, more of everything basically, you will have that buff for the rest of the instance except the last boss.
The path to the boss is pretty much linear, lots of mobs again, very hard to take just 1 and kill.
Weapon H is a very easy fight with just 1 trick. First you need to kill that first thing in front of the boss, after that you will notice the boss is surrounded by a shield, what you need to do is to kill those 4 small boxes that around the arena where the boss is standing initially. The idea is to do it while kitting the boss cuz he still does a lot of dmg. Also he has a skill which he will use about once every 40 seconds with which he will pull you and then use a damage spell that does around 3.5k damage. Use running scrolls and any other speed buffs you have to kite him and get out of the AoE skill.

Now the fun begins you will be unstoppable using this machine:

Go at the landing zone and click on the middle one,  a cinematic will fallow in which it shows you flying to an area with lots of balaurs. The fights are extremely easy. A machine with just 4 buttons made to kill and stunt. I ain't even going to explain how it works that easy it is :P .
And after you killed the hordes of balaurs your machine will be destroyed by the last boss (or one of the fire imagines)
Last boss is hard if you are not so good geared and even for the good geared it's still a challenge (in function of the NRG).
I advice you to have all buffs possible and all cooldowns ready!
After you did about 25% damage, she will disappear and a "Venom" image will appear (i always had problems with names specially on Aion where sometimes it looks like they are made by smashing your hand of the keyboard) anyway you will see it's green and easy to kill but keep in mind to use a greater healing potion or a dispel to remove the debuff you get. After you killed it the boss comes again take down another 25% or so and she(don't ask me how i know it's a she :S ) will bring 3 Fire Images, now this fire images are really nasty, i play a ranger so i just trap them and then take them 1 by 1, but if you can't use CC,s then i advise run and nuke since they die easy but they also do a lot of damage. Keep in mind that if you CC them don't stay next to them, at some point they will self destruct you will see a red area on the ground, does nasty damage. After that 2 things can happen you neighter get a nice crit or 2 and you kill the boss or she has enough time to spwam the Ice images which also hit a lot but i didn't really have a problem with those, unless your HP is low due to the fight.


There are a few bugs at this boss and no, not the good kind of bugs.  If you manage to take it's HP to 25% in a few seconds but you can't kill it immediately you might have the surprise to get all the images at once! (happened to me :| ).  Or sometimes you already killed it and while you are happy looking at the golden loots you got or unhappy looking at the 10k Kinah you got the Ice images come and nuke you!

Have fun and good luck with the drops!

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