Seasonal Agrints

As you noticed by now seasons has been added to Aion, besides the Agrints the seasons also play a important role in the daevian 2nd quest (which i promise i will post during this week).

 The seasons are:
  • Spring season from March to May
  • Summer from June to August
  • Autumn from September to November
  • Winter from December to February
Keep in mind that a month in Aion always has 31 days and that aion day is 2 hours which means that a real life day is 12 days in Aion.
The agrint will appear at the beginning of each ingame month in Elyos or Asmo housing zone. The boss will be a Big Tree on which you can do only 1 damage so i advice you not to use the best damage weapon but the fastest. I just buy a set of white daggers use all my speed buffs and mau form and most of the times i've been first on damage. 
When the boss dies only the league that made the most damage can loot it but there will be some small plants Audria for Elyos and Umbronite for Asmos.  
Hint: If you just open it without loot it no one else can loot it so you can try to open as many as possible and loot them after. 
The plants drop housing items like letters and numbers and the way more important it drops the Life Leaf which is used to craft the bike mounts and also sell at list on my server for 20kk+.

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