Miragent Weapon and Title


    And here you are the last quest you are almost done almost with a complete set. 
The title is one of the best in game the stats are as fallows :  +2% Attack Speed , +2% Cast Speed, +3% Run Speed so it's yummy!!
    Now to get it there are 3 easy steps. Well maybe not so easy hehe after all you do get a weapon and a nice title.

    The first part you must collect 600 Calydon Mane Ornaments which drop off of Calydon Chasers and Shamans in Theobomos at about a 75% drop rate.
    The second part you must kill 300 Ancient Defenders in the Core.
    The third part you must Enter a Dredgion and Kill Captain Adhati or if you already leveled to 51   you can kill Captain Mituna on Fallen Dredgion in Upper Abyss, Captain Mituna is easy to kill you don't need more then 1 or 2  friends in order to do it, i think you can find it anytime. 

    Buy the 12.4mil Divine Oath Stone, Max your DP And take the oathstone to Jucleas for a ritual.
Talk to Lavirintos for your weapon and title.

This is what you get:

Miragent's Dagger
Miragent's Sword
Miragent's Warhammer
Miragent's Greatsword
Miragent's Jewel
Miragent's Longbow
Miragent's Spear
Miragent's Staff
Miragent's Tome
Miragent's Shield

Miragent Chest quest

Persistence and Luck

And once again we are back at running, and this time you will feel like in the olympics!
    The Tears of Luck spawn at 11pm game time and despawn at 1am game time, meaning you have 10 minutes real life time to check as many spawns as you can.
Some legions like to all pitch in and help by standing at multiple spawn points as they spawn to tell their person who needs the Tears of Luck which ones Spawned.
    There are many spawn points for Tears of Luck all throughout Eltnen, Heiron, and Theobomos, Here are some links to screenshots and locations.
    Personally i farmed them in Eltnen, usualy got 2 per run but you can also add 1 Theobomos location check it on both channels and then start on Eltnen.
    It will help a lot having someone else checking some of the spots for you so you can run to the correct locations, i have my girlfriend to thanks for that!
    Here are some links with screenshots of the locations:


This is what you get:
Miragent's Breastplate - Plate
Miragent's Hauberk - Chain
Miragent's Jerkin - Leather
Miragent's Tunic - Cloth

Miragent Leggings Quest

Well Rounded

For the Miragent Legging you will need a 449 Crafting profession, I suggest taking up cooking if you havent started any other crafting profession yet. Cooking is by far the easiest and cheapest to get to 449.
Once you have 449 and the recipe which is given to you from the NPC that gives the quest, you will now need to craft the Hot Heart of Magic (the orange proc. of the recipe)

12 Hot Balaur Hearts
125 Boiling Balaur Blood Stain
1 Expert Premium Weapon Flux
1 Expert Premium Armor Flux
1 Expert Premium Accessory Flux

I suggest grinding lvl 50 non elite Balaur guards to get your 125 stains and 12 hearts, as buying them from the broker will drain your kinah very fast.

Once mats collected hit craft and hope your in the 20% of people that proc. on first try if not start doing it again.
I was lucky enough to have a craft from the start, not sure yet if they increased the rate with 3.0 but they might.
Once you have the Hot Heart of Magic, turn it in, buy a 6.2mil Glossy Oath Stone turn it into Jucleas for the ritual, Then talk to Lavrinitos for your reward. 
Here is what you can get:

Miragent's Breeches - Leather
Miragent's Chausses - Chain
Miragent's Greaves - Plate
Miragent's Leggings - Cloth

Miragent Sholder Quest

Shoulder the Burden

   If  you were bored till now thinking "ohh all i have to do is talk with this NPC then that NPC" well now the action kicks in.
    You are lucky till 3.0 they made this quest easier by droping the 40 items required to just 10!
  1. Talk with Ettamirel.
  2. Talk with Jupion.
  3. Talk with Elizar.
  4. Collect 10 Sanctum Medal and take them to Elizar.
  5. Take the 4.3mil Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation.
  6. Talk with Lavirintos.
    To get the sanctum Medals you must complete either the solo or group repeatable.
    They are called Decorations of Sanctum and [Group] Decorations of Sanctum.
    For the Solo one you must collect 10 Items from Solo mobs in Theobomos.
    For the Group one you must kill the End Boss to Theobomos Lab or Dark Poeta and loot a Seed of Vice which is a 100% drop rate (unless your dead when the mob is killed). 

    Here is what you can get:
    Miragent's Pauldrons - Cloth

Miragent chain quest - Gloves

The Quest for Knights 

    This is the 2nd quest you will have to do in order to get the miragent gloves. Basically you will have to go and talk with NPCs at certain hours, each time the hour is delayed with 1 or more hours so you can talk with just 1 NPC per day. 
 A day in Aion is 2 hours from that it mean that 1 hour in Aion is 5 minutes in real life this way you can set up an alarm for it so you make sure you don't miss it.

Talk with Nianalo.

Talk with Navid, Spawns in Poeta Agaris Spore Road 10am Game time, Check all channels.
Talk with Pavel, Spawns in Verteron 7am game time, Check all channels.
Talk with Pendaon,Eltnen Spawns 6am Game time.
Talk with Poevius, Heiron Storm Circle 3 am Game time.
Talk with Belicanon, Theobomos 2 am Game time, Check Channels.
Talk with Mahelnu, Heiron 1am Game time.
Talk with Pater, Theobomos 12am game time, Check channels.
Take the 4.3mil Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation.
Report the result to Lavrintos.
And after all this run this is what you get:

Miragent's Gauntlets - Plate
Miragent's Gloves - Cloth
Miragent's Handguards - Chain 
Miragent's Vambrace - Leather

Miragent Boots Quest

    Even if people now all rush to 60, i'm sure there are some of you that would like to have this set, if not for the stats at list for the nice skin it provides.

Miragent Boots:

Class Preceptor's Consent 

Talk to the 4 Class trainers in the protectors hall , buy a 4.3millions Oathstone from the Holy Item vendor take it to High Priest Jucleas and return to Lavrintos.

  1. Receive the signature of Boreas on the recommendation letter. 
  2. Receive the signature of Jumentis on the recommendation letter.
  3. Receive the signature of Charna on the recommendation letter. 
  4. Receive the signature of Thrasymedes on the recommendation letter. 
  5. Take the Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation. 
  6. Report the results to Lavrintos.
    This is the easiest quest from the Mira set chain quests and it can get you one of this iteams:


So here it starts!

Hello everyone,
     I'm Blood and i'm an Aion player. Not an old one, not a pro one, not yet! But i'm on the journey to be one.
     First thing that you notice when you start playing Aion is that you barely find any informations about quests, classes and others events in Aion on the internet. Many times i had to waste a lot of time looking for things and lets face it even if it has it's own charm to stay and look for little things and get that accomplishment feeling when you finaly find it after a while it really gets annoying.
So i decided to start a blog on which i can post all my findings, all those information that i couldn't find on internet.
    I would really like it if you guys would help by giving feedback thru questions (of which i will try and answer as soon as possible) and also thru comments.
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 That being said i hope you will find this blog helpful, have fun and enjoy!