Muada Empress Tactics

   First of all i don't understand how they realize this worm is a she. But then again worms aren't my domain so I'm sure they have a logical explanation for that.

This boss has a daily quest which really worth doing. If you want the Kahrun items you want as many Symbols as possible and with this daily quest you might be lucky enough to get 100 Kahrun from 1 box.
It happened to me once i got 103 Symbols from the box but it also happened to get only 6 or 8 from it usually it drops between 10 - 20 Symbols.

Now for tactics, this boss has 4 phases with a transition phase that comes every 25%.
When you start the fight you will want to  hug the boss or be not further then 7 meters away from the boss.
In the first phase the boss will do Ray Thorns which is an AoE (area of effect) skill that will hit any players that are further then 7 meters away from the boss, so all you have to do is hug the boss and try and stay behind so you won't get the DoT (damage on time) on you except of course if you are a tank in which case you tank it in the middle. When the boss is at 75% he will stunt everyone around and go into the 2second phase.

The second phase will start at 75% HP. In this phase lots of mobs appear and there are 2 ways to handle this. There is the "kill the borrows" method because those are the ones that make the mob appear, i suppose that in this case you will want to have DPS assigned to kill those as soon as possible. But i never actually did it this way so i can't give you a detailed way of doing it.
The way everyone does it on my server is by Kitting the boss around the room and the mobs, strong damage buffs should be done in this phase everyone runs around mages and other range classes are the ones that make the difference in this phase. As a ranger i always try to trap as many little worms as possible since they disappear after a while.
So basically in the 2nd phase you will run around and do as much damage as possible while moving.

At 50% the transition phase kicks in again and everyone will get stunt.  The start of this phase will be tricky if you choose to kite the boss in the 2nd phase because the worms will still be around for a while and there will be 2 skills that the boss will alternate first one will be the same as in the first phase Ray Thornes so you need to be next to the boss and the she will do Swipping Blow.
For Swipping Blow you need to run away from the boss at list 15 meters. Otherwise you will get around 6k damage and also be knocked back for a few seconds.
Once the other worms are gone you can pull the boss in the middle and keep reacting at mobs skills. As range this is easy to do but the melee DPS looses some damage done by running out for sweeping blow, from what i saw if the healing is decent then most of the melee choose not to run back. Both Ray Thornes and Swipping Blow will do around 6k damage.

At 25% the boss will go under she will put everyone on top of her and stunt all players, you need to run out of the zone at the edge of the room and wait until the boss surface back.
Most of the times she will come back buffed with "Rage" i suggest staying as far as possible from the boss if you are range since in the 4th phase she will only use Swipping Blow, so you can stop putting pressure on healers and just stay at list 15 meters away from the boss.

The boss is really not hard hard if you pay attention make sure that you register at a kisk from outside and you will need some luck when you enter back if the boss is in 3rd phase - since your HP will be low if the boss does one of the skills in the next few seconds you will most probably die.

Sorry for the wall of text but at list now if someone asks "everyone knows tactics?"  you won't lie about it by saying "Yes!".

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