Miragent Weapon and Title


    And here you are the last quest you are almost done almost with a complete set. 
The title is one of the best in game the stats are as fallows :  +2% Attack Speed , +2% Cast Speed, +3% Run Speed so it's yummy!!
    Now to get it there are 3 easy steps. Well maybe not so easy hehe after all you do get a weapon and a nice title.

    The first part you must collect 600 Calydon Mane Ornaments which drop off of Calydon Chasers and Shamans in Theobomos at about a 75% drop rate.
    The second part you must kill 300 Ancient Defenders in the Core.
    The third part you must Enter a Dredgion and Kill Captain Adhati or if you already leveled to 51   you can kill Captain Mituna on Fallen Dredgion in Upper Abyss, Captain Mituna is easy to kill you don't need more then 1 or 2  friends in order to do it, i think you can find it anytime. 

    Buy the 12.4mil Divine Oath Stone, Max your DP And take the oathstone to Jucleas for a ritual.
Talk to Lavirintos for your weapon and title.

This is what you get:

Miragent's Dagger
Miragent's Sword
Miragent's Warhammer
Miragent's Greatsword
Miragent's Jewel
Miragent's Longbow
Miragent's Spear
Miragent's Staff
Miragent's Tome
Miragent's Shield

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