So here it starts!

Hello everyone,
     I'm Blood and i'm an Aion player. Not an old one, not a pro one, not yet! But i'm on the journey to be one.
     First thing that you notice when you start playing Aion is that you barely find any informations about quests, classes and others events in Aion on the internet. Many times i had to waste a lot of time looking for things and lets face it even if it has it's own charm to stay and look for little things and get that accomplishment feeling when you finaly find it after a while it really gets annoying.
So i decided to start a blog on which i can post all my findings, all those information that i couldn't find on internet.
    I would really like it if you guys would help by giving feedback thru questions (of which i will try and answer as soon as possible) and also thru comments.
   Like i said i don't consider myself a pro player, most of the stuff i will post will be from what i hear or see in game and conclusions that i have reached, if you don't agree with them leave a comment i will take it in consideration.
    Don't be afraid to ask we all were noobs at the start of any game, so on the comments " OMG BLOOD YOU SUCH A NOOB!!!" my answer is "Yes! Yes i am!" But i am trying to learn some more and in some time i will learn all i need to know about Aion.
 That being said i hope you will find this blog helpful, have fun and enjoy!

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