Miragent Leggings Quest

Well Rounded

For the Miragent Legging you will need a 449 Crafting profession, I suggest taking up cooking if you havent started any other crafting profession yet. Cooking is by far the easiest and cheapest to get to 449.
Once you have 449 and the recipe which is given to you from the NPC that gives the quest, you will now need to craft the Hot Heart of Magic (the orange proc. of the recipe)

12 Hot Balaur Hearts
125 Boiling Balaur Blood Stain
1 Expert Premium Weapon Flux
1 Expert Premium Armor Flux
1 Expert Premium Accessory Flux

I suggest grinding lvl 50 non elite Balaur guards to get your 125 stains and 12 hearts, as buying them from the broker will drain your kinah very fast.

Once mats collected hit craft and hope your in the 20% of people that proc. on first try if not start doing it again.
I was lucky enough to have a craft from the start, not sure yet if they increased the rate with 3.0 but they might.
Once you have the Hot Heart of Magic, turn it in, buy a 6.2mil Glossy Oath Stone turn it into Jucleas for the ritual, Then talk to Lavrinitos for your reward. 
Here is what you can get:

Miragent's Breeches - Leather
Miragent's Chausses - Chain
Miragent's Greaves - Plate
Miragent's Leggings - Cloth

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