Miragent chain quest - Gloves

The Quest for Knights 

    This is the 2nd quest you will have to do in order to get the miragent gloves. Basically you will have to go and talk with NPCs at certain hours, each time the hour is delayed with 1 or more hours so you can talk with just 1 NPC per day. 
 A day in Aion is 2 hours from that it mean that 1 hour in Aion is 5 minutes in real life this way you can set up an alarm for it so you make sure you don't miss it.

Talk with Nianalo.

Talk with Navid, Spawns in Poeta Agaris Spore Road 10am Game time, Check all channels.
Talk with Pavel, Spawns in Verteron 7am game time, Check all channels.
Talk with Pendaon,Eltnen Spawns 6am Game time.
Talk with Poevius, Heiron Storm Circle 3 am Game time.
Talk with Belicanon, Theobomos 2 am Game time, Check Channels.
Talk with Mahelnu, Heiron 1am Game time.
Talk with Pater, Theobomos 12am game time, Check channels.
Take the 4.3mil Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation.
Report the result to Lavrintos.
And after all this run this is what you get:

Miragent's Gauntlets - Plate
Miragent's Gloves - Cloth
Miragent's Handguards - Chain 
Miragent's Vambrace - Leather

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