Miragent Chest quest

Persistence and Luck

And once again we are back at running, and this time you will feel like in the olympics!
    The Tears of Luck spawn at 11pm game time and despawn at 1am game time, meaning you have 10 minutes real life time to check as many spawns as you can.
Some legions like to all pitch in and help by standing at multiple spawn points as they spawn to tell their person who needs the Tears of Luck which ones Spawned.
    There are many spawn points for Tears of Luck all throughout Eltnen, Heiron, and Theobomos, Here are some links to screenshots and locations.
    Personally i farmed them in Eltnen, usualy got 2 per run but you can also add 1 Theobomos location check it on both channels and then start on Eltnen.
    It will help a lot having someone else checking some of the spots for you so you can run to the correct locations, i have my girlfriend to thanks for that!
    Here are some links with screenshots of the locations:


This is what you get:
Miragent's Breastplate - Plate
Miragent's Hauberk - Chain
Miragent's Jerkin - Leather
Miragent's Tunic - Cloth

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