Miragent Boots Quest

    Even if people now all rush to 60, i'm sure there are some of you that would like to have this set, if not for the stats at list for the nice skin it provides.

Miragent Boots:

Class Preceptor's Consent 

Talk to the 4 Class trainers in the protectors hall , buy a 4.3millions Oathstone from the Holy Item vendor take it to High Priest Jucleas and return to Lavrintos.

  1. Receive the signature of Boreas on the recommendation letter. 
  2. Receive the signature of Jumentis on the recommendation letter.
  3. Receive the signature of Charna on the recommendation letter. 
  4. Receive the signature of Thrasymedes on the recommendation letter. 
  5. Take the Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation. 
  6. Report the results to Lavrintos.
    This is the easiest quest from the Mira set chain quests and it can get you one of this iteams:


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