Miragent Sholder Quest

Shoulder the Burden

   If  you were bored till now thinking "ohh all i have to do is talk with this NPC then that NPC" well now the action kicks in.
    You are lucky till 3.0 they made this quest easier by droping the 40 items required to just 10!
  1. Talk with Ettamirel.
  2. Talk with Jupion.
  3. Talk with Elizar.
  4. Collect 10 Sanctum Medal and take them to Elizar.
  5. Take the 4.3mil Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation.
  6. Talk with Lavirintos.
    To get the sanctum Medals you must complete either the solo or group repeatable.
    They are called Decorations of Sanctum and [Group] Decorations of Sanctum.
    For the Solo one you must collect 10 Items from Solo mobs in Theobomos.
    For the Group one you must kill the End Boss to Theobomos Lab or Dark Poeta and loot a Seed of Vice which is a 100% drop rate (unless your dead when the mob is killed). 

    Here is what you can get:
    Miragent's Pauldrons - Cloth

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